3 Reasons you need to use DrainLock

Clogged drains take time to fix
Clogged drains are expensive to fix
Clogged drains are a major inconvenience

Depending on the DrainLock chosen, prices range from $42.00 to $70.00. That’s less than what most plumbers will charge to come out to look and tell you, yes your drains are clogged, let alone do anything about it. Order your DrainLocks today, prevent clogged drains, and protect your business from lost time, money and headaches.

DrainLock Features

Our patented DrainLock product is a single self-contained product which easily and quickly installs into commercial floor sinks and other drain openings, then securely locks into place with a security hex head stainless steel bolt. They are manufactured of high impact polymers able to withstand cleaning chemicals and hot fluids, such as oil and grease up to 250 °F. We offer models with or without domes to fit drain opening sizes of 2”, 3” or 4”.