Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DrainLock?

DrainLocks are installed in commercial kitchen area drains with the purpose of preventing accidental or intentional removal of regular drain screens which prevents unnecessary drain blockage, cleaning costs & facility downtime

Where is a DrainLock used?

Plastek DrainLocks should be installed in all commercial kitchen floor sinks, trough & trench drains and area drains within the food preparation areas in restaurants, hospitals, schools and prisons.

What are the benefits of a DrainLock?

With the installation of a Plastek DrainLock, restaurant and facility owners all over the country can reduce their costly drain cleaning costs and facility downtimes by up to 90%

Why is Plastek DrainLock better than an all metal design?

There are 3 reasons:

  1. It is a single, self-contained unit (no lose pieces) that is lightweight;  easy to install & remove
  2. It doesn’t damage the pipe below the floor sink
  3. This is no ordinary plastic…The polymer for the lower portion was developed for use in automotive bumpers while the top plate is a mineral / fiberglass filler nylon used in many high end gun components

Do I need a DrainLock?

If you are tired of paying expensive plumbing costs you do. Any commercial kitchen with floor sinks, trough drains and area drains should have a Plastek DrainLock installed in each

I use degreaser and bleach to clean my kitchen floor; will these chemicals damage the DrainLock plastic?

The polymers used are highly chemical resistant and have been tested against common cleaners, detergents and disinfectants

If I pour hot liquids down my drain will it melt the plastic in the DrainLock?

The melting point of the plastics / polymers are over 400 degrees and will easily withstand boiling liquids

What is the cost of a DrainLock?

Depending on the DrainLock chosen, prices range from $42.00 to $70.00 – Average service call for a plumber starts at $69.00 each time you call them

Where can I buy a Plastek DrainLock?

Amazon, Ferguson, Baker Commodities, EBtech, Drain-Net, are a few locations where you can buy a Plastek DrainLock